String Theory


Mixed Media Painting
by Mark Campbell

Oil, epoxy, acrylic on wood panel
60″H, 40″W, .75″D


Mark Campbell moved to San Francisco from the East Coast, inspired by Bay Area Artists and its art schools. After earning his MFA he established two art elder art education programs. At Laguna Honda Hospital he started teaching weekly classes to a mostly frail and indigent population. The Elder Arts Celebration was a 5 year collaboration with San Francisco’s art schools which curated art shows of elder alumni, students and teachers.

Mark worked with and learned from artists including Ruth Asawa, Nathan Olievera, Wayne Theibaud, Peter Voulkus to celebrate the creativity of seniors. He is now experimenting with blending realism with abstract veneer methods.

Collectors include: Addison Gallery of American art, the Michigan Museum of Art, the Fuller Craft Museum, the Mobile Museum, Carlos Santana, Aretha Franklin, and the Ritz Carlton.

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