Book Feedback

"I just sold the work Love Birds to a collector in LA who saw it in the 2021 book."
Pamela Heck, painter

"Thank you! Great magazine this year. Sold the pink roses painting Innocence Reborn to Karen xxxxxx In the LA area. Very happy!!"
Joie McClements, painter

"I will definitely be applying again this year, as I received a number of opportunities based on my participation last year."
Piper Christine, ceramist

"I love working with Tom Palmer. American Artwork is a great service for artists if they desire this type of promotion. I have been doing this for many years. The cost is relatively minor, it gets my work in front of a new curator for each edition, it puts an image of my work into a magazine/book that goes out to a large number of curators, (it is a promotional book) so it has been a great avenue to market. The work also is placed online and can be found via search. I have received exhibition offers with good curators (no fee to show type curators) and then sales from the exhibitions, and have had my consultants use the books to show their clients. I usually splurge and purchase a few books as gifts for those who have been showing and/or selling my work. There is usually an offer to purchase additional cards to mail or promote which the quality has been outstanding and the price is standard. Tom also has been a great person to work with."
Kathryn Arnold, painter

"I get new income each year from print sales of my work from participating in American Artwork."
Mary Johnston, painter

"Last year i had the pleasure of working with a wonderful man, Angar Mora, who found my work through your book. I owe it to you, THANK YOU!"
Monique Passicot, painter

We really enjoy receiving this publication.  We have kept all of the issues that we have received from you and refer to them frequently for our customers. I hope you continue to send these."
Patti Menn, ArtIncorporated

“I wanted to let you know that I got a gallery show in San Anselmo as a result of last year’s edition! Thank you for producing such a high quality product to showcase our work.”
Kristen Jensen, painter

“We receive American Art Collector, and consider it a great resource. We have exhibited some of the artists that have appeared in your book. Do you need me to send postage?”
Dan Addington, Addington Gallery

“I really think you are top notch on all accord.”
Kasha Ritter, painter

“Thanks in part to my work being in your beautiful book, the Denver Art Museum is auctioning a commission by me to raise funds. They sold copies of the book at the auction…twenty books went flying off the table at “DAM Uncorked” and my commission auctioned for $5000 to the museum, so it was a great success!…And, your books got me into some beautiful galleries in Mexico. They took 11 paintings for Punta de Mita, Vallarta and Mexico City and have been selling already! In general, Mexico really supports original art and NOBODY hangs prints on their walls.”
Lisa Ambler, painter

“Yes, I will apply again. My customers do love the book.”
MarianneB Van Der Haar, painter

"We have worked with artists first seen in your book. Do keep sending it."
Larry Winn, Grand Image

“I guess the books are out… we just got our first lead. They showed up at our Florida address. Exciting…I’m glad it works. Thank you.”
Corbett Griffith for Kue King, sculptor

“You do a great job, and the presentation is just right. I’m going to buy more books next time—whenever I give one to a collector they have a great reaction.”
Anna Good, painter

"Thanks much to you for the books, and your time and effort. I love the books and look forward to the next issue of American Artwork"
Herman Lankford, art collector

“Thanks to your book, I was contacted by an agent from New York who put me in touch with a museum quality gallery in Chelsea, The Walter Wickiser Gallery, and I will be in a group show and become a gallery artist.”
Edmund Ian Grant, painter

“You are doing good work, Tom, providing a service to the industry. Photography has many sides, one of them being as a workhorse. Those in the fine art sector who look down on commercial work simply don’t know their history. The photographers I admire most, Edward Steichen, W. Eugene Smith, James Fee, Christian Boltanski, worked commercially in order to realize their fine art—along with countless others in editorial or stock work. I’ve known few worthy photographers outside this model.”
Carol McCusker, Ph.D., Curator, Museum of Photographic Arts

“Tom Palmer! Thank you so much. Opening your box today was the best feeling seeing our works next to some of the best art work anywhere! Breezing though the catalogue of entries recognizing many friends was a pleasure. Thanks for doing this for artists. We love your book!  I show it off at every show we do and display it promInently in the ARTEMIS GALLERY!
John Teal Crutchfield, sculptor

“I was contacted by Brandon Stewart from the New Art Center in NY. They reference seeing my work in American Artwork. They are offering an opportunity of a solo exhibition in 2014”
Rolf Kriken, metal artisan

"Thank you so much for providing so much loving energy.  I'm not sure that too many people what you do behind the scenes in publishing your publication. I, for one, truly understand and value your work on our behalf."
Zak Zaikine, painter & ceramist

"My patrons love this publication! I include a book and postcards with each major purchase! I think they help document my work for my patrons and give added value for their collections."
Pat Banks, painter

“I sold two paintings in January this year based on a referral from the book!”
Anne Marchand, painter

"Would it be possible to receive the 2013 American Art Collector, Book as well as including Plinth Gallery for future distribution? Thanks in advance."
Jonathan Kaplan, Curator, Plinth Gallery

“Thank you for including an image of mine on the cover. My rep got my copies out promptly to my most ambitious collectors and I made my first sale two days ago. Many thanks … I believe that I have now made seven sales related to the books in which you have included my photography. They have proven to be an exceptionally fine vehicle to generate sales and enhance my reputation, even in a down economic time. FYI – I have received offers for two solo shows based on my presence in your books.”
Brian Vikander, photographer

“You are one of the sweetest venues around to get that fine art window open.”
Sid Hoeltzell, photographer

American Artwork reflects an unmatched level of quality (other than publications from the big art auction houses). I buy twenty extra copies for collectors, and am proud to be a part of it.”
Marlene Walters, painter

“As always the collection and printing in this year’s book looks wonderful!. I have been contacted by several galleries lately from recent books they have seen. I appreciate this very much.”
Amy Barker-Wilson, painter

“I enjoy your publication and can’t find another like it. I’d like to purchase the current book plus three years of back-issues.”
Dr. David J. Garling, collector

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love the new book! I have already sold a painting because of it and passed on the book to the client. I have received a contact from a designer in Texas interested in placing my work in a new property in Hawaii! The piece in the book is now being presented in a show opening this week in New York City, sponsored by Art Approach and they have published more of my images in a coffee table book entitled “Contemporary Art in Focus: Modern Masters.” Thank you so much for all you do to produce such beautiful books; they are a wonderful sales tool and always look so professional.”
Bonnie Carter, painter

“Really like the book and will definitely refer to it. Thank you for sending and yes, please send annually.”
Christy Hamari, Hamari Art Consulting

“We were contacted by an art consulting firm in the East Bay who wanted retail pricing on a particular piece of work”
Tara McCarthy for Clem McCarthy, painter

"Will I be able to purchase more in the future, or is now the only time? A couple just came to my studio and bought three sculptures and I gave them a book!"
Tiffany Adams, sculptor

“I had a wonderful success with the book and cards. I just had a one-woman show at the Royal Palms resort in Phoenix, the most elegant in the area. The box arrived just in time. The painting in the book is now in the AZ House of Representatives for a year celebrating Arizona’s Centennial. I set up a display of a framed photo of the painting, the letter from the Arizona Commission on the Arts about my selection, the book and the postcards! Wonderful! I look forward to next year!
Barbara Lacy, painter

“Last year’s publication was very beautiful. Collectors of my work were excited to receive a copy. Look forward to seeing what you will have in it this year. Thanks again.”
Janet K. Burner, ceramist

"I sold a painting last weekend and gave the gentleman a copy of the book. He was thrilled! It has been a great pleasure to participate!"
Anne Corlett, painter

"I am so pleased Rolf Kriken suggested I apply. He is casting a piece for me and he told me he has had a very good response from the publication. I'm excited. Thank you again."
Bonnie Belt, multi-media artisan

“I have one new gallery and two leads for new galleries from last year’s book.”
Katie Gardinia, textile artisan

“I have a good new client from the book, and have gotten LOTS of mileage out of the postcards. The painting in last year’s book is now front+center in a group show, thanks to the postcards.”
Terry Wise, painter

“I just sold my glass book plus another glass plate from the American Art Collector book, it is an awesome feeling and I’m thrilled to my toes……I like to thank you and all there at Alcove and appreciate letting me participate in this year book.”
Branka Harris, glass artisan

"I’m pleased to be able to use so many postcards. I take them to art fairs and individually sign the front of each card as I give it out to someone requesting contact info.  People come back a year later and tell me they have put the card on their refrigerator or framed it. This year at Fort Worth a man came back with last year’s Bicycle Messenger card in a plastic sandwich bag and said he wanted to purchase that piece – and that he had been waiting a year to do so!!... Participating with you and American Artwork has become very special for me and a great honor.   Thank you, again."
Rusty Leffel, photographer

“The book is already working for me. I just got contacted by a gallery in San Francisco inquiring about pricing and availability of my work. Awesome. Additionally, I’ve sent out copies to both galleries that rep me in L.A. and Boston.Thanks again and happy to be a part of this volume.”
Matt Condron, painter

“I am happy to tell you that today, the first day of Open Studios, my painting sold. I had the book open in front of it and gave the buyers a copy. I wonder how much the fact that it was published had to do with the sale?. In any case, I am delighted and working with you has been a good experience. All the work in the book is very professional and I am proud to be a part of it. Thank you.”
Tricia Earle, painter

“Tom, the books arrived today. They are exceptionally well done. The quality is superb, the colors of my photograph were very accurately reproduced with the printing. Your process for review and excellent communications have made this a very enjoyable experience for me. Thank you all for your efforts.”
Sheridan Vincent, photographer

“The books looks really great this year. My images is perfect. I got a call to be in a show in Davis, CA for next year in a really great gallery.”
Matthew Frederick, painter

“Tom, I’d like to do this again. I did get two calls, one call from an art consultant in Texas and a collector in Chicago. They expressed interest in my work.”
Gregory Johnson, metal artisan

"Wow! is what came to mind when I opened American Art Collector. It is a gorgeous book!  I feel extremely privileged to be included with the artists you have chosen. Thank you so very much for making such a quality book about art!  I am sending copies out to collectors and to my galleries tomorrow."
Jeannine Young, sculptor

"I am very interested in submitting work this year. The book last year was my first experience of your work, and I was very impressed with the fine quality and very happy to be invited and chosen to participate. I gave the book away with work sold, and proud to do so. Thank you for your fine work and what it means to the art field and the art community."
Laura Basha, painter

“The book has helped me get into several new galleries. Thank you.”
Toni Doilney, painter

“I just received my postcards and books. THEY LOOK AWESOME! And thank you so much for having me on the outside cover. I really appreciate it. Thanks again!”
Josh Yavelberg, painter

“After book 2010 came out with my “Quilted Tea Vessel” in it, I was contacted by a new (to me) gallery in Pittsburgh and invited to create and submit a new work for their invitational show ‘Teapots!’ How exciting!”
Melissa Woodburn, ceramist

“My books arrived this week, and I am delighted with them. I want to thank you for including my work in this beautiful publication. I made a big sale this morning, and my client was very happy to have a copy of the book. It will be great to have them, and also the cards, for Greenville Open Studios this coming weekend. Thank you!”
Patricia Kilburg, painter

“Thanks Tom. I have really loved being in your book and it always pays off for me.”
Sarah Waldron, painter

"Although I submit close to the deadline, I certainly wouldn't want to miss it!  I have enjoyed and benefited from the privilege of past selection, and I also enjoy seeing the work of the other folks who have appeared in the books.  Thank you for a great product!
Christopher Viney, photographer

"I am absolutely planning to submit work again this year -- I love being in the book!  The postcards and the books are wonderful give-aways that I use with collectors and my galleries. I was a "cover girl" one year -- and my galleries were thrilled! Thanks ALWAYS! Cheers.
Elizabeth Barlow, painter

"I am so delighted with your creativity and professionalism!  The book & cards are wonderful!"
Hanya Popova Parker, painter

“I was contacted by a gallery in Palo Alto. They found me in your book, and I had a two-person show that year. This September the gallery is going to have my solo exhibit. I am overwhelmed by the workload; I am grateful as well.”
Reiko Muranaga, painter

“I got flattering feedback from a range of sources from my entry in the last book, including a couple of calls from people very much wanting to buy the piece featured. Thanks.”
Bill Luce, wood artisan

“I’ve received several calls from people who have seen the book, including two separate calls from a husband and wife who didn’t realize the other spouse had called!”
Ann Thompson, metal artisan

“The response to my artwork that was juried into your book this year was wonderful and I want to thank you. An art consultant in Beverly Hills and galleries in Michigan and Texas now represent me. I’m also working with galleries in Chicago, Santa Fe, and possibly New Orleans for more representation! This is all allowing me to paint full time and I am loving it…The book has been very important for my career. I sold thirty paintings last year and my prices have increased!”
Judy Campbell, painter

"I don’t think I’ll be submitting this year as I’m in sort of a transitory place with my work right now. I did get a show in Kansas City as a result of last year’s edition, so thank you for that. Please do inform me of next year’s edition as I’d like to submit work again."
Chris Miroyan, painter

"I have been very happy with the American Art Collector series, the books and cards are high quality and people are always impressed to see a piece similar to one they  have purchased in a published book...Thank you for including me in this publication and I hope to submit an entry next year. Best wishes.
Lauren Cummings, glass artisan

“I was pleasantly surprised by several orders as a result of people seeing my work in your book.”
Debra Adelson, metal artisan

“Galleries and friends have been thrilled to have these books; I always get comments like ‘impressive’ and ‘beautiful.’ It is clear to me that my reputation bumps up a notch when I show my work in the books to someone.”
Marc Ellen Hamel, painter

“We’ve participated three times, and picked up two galleries and an art consultant. We’ve made some great sales, and it has helped me stay retired.”
Jack Hart, husband of C. Ellen Hart, painter

“The book was excellent. I had only great comments from customers about it. The nitty-gritty of sending information and communication has been easy and painless. Thanks for doing this and helping artists like myself.”
Antonia Lawson, ceramist

“My books and post cards have arrived. I am so impressed with this beautiful publication it is stunning and so well presented. I have a show coming up and was wonder if I can purchase more books?”
Linda Schroeter, painter

“The book was truly top notch!!! Without a doubt done in a very fine and respectful way. Well-arranged and carefully thought out. Simplistically powerful! I want to thank you for offering this form of presentation for us. The books are a hit! I am giving one to everyone who selects to have a work of mine, as well as galleries showing my work. I love them."
Katy Morgan, photographer

American Art Collector is doing an amazing job of filling the void between artists and collectors.”
Jonn Herschend, painter

“I have had results from the current book, and am thinking about the 2009 edition.”
Janis Sanders, painter

“Participating has brought more attention to my work than I had expected.”
Daniel Phill, painter

“The books and postcards have been a great tool for promoting my work.”
Brad Greek, painter

“The books are very affordable advertising that won’t get thrown away.”
Dana Driver, jeweler

“I received a very strong response from American Art Collector.”
David Mark, painter

“My pages with American Art Collector directly resulted in two shows. When I sent tear sheets to advertising agencies and graphic designers in seven large cities, it resulted in three black and white shoots. I enthusiastically recommend working with Alcove Books.”
Glenn Steiner, photographer

“Two galleries requested portfolios after seeing my work in the book.”
Deborah Bertola, painter

American Artwork came out last week, and I already have a sale.”
Mitchell Confer, painter

“I received calls from two clients who raved about the book and thanked me profusely for having a copy sent to them. One then confirmed a commission piece at that point.”
Susan McGehee, metal artisan

“We received book and tear sheets, and not only are they beautiful, but we received our first inquiry from a gallery about our work!! Thank you again, and Fabulous!!!”
Dan & Eve King-Lehman, glass artisans

“Congratulations on the latest American Art Collector. It’s a lovely edition and the people who have had a look at it have handled it very reverently. What fun.”
Marilyn Annin, textile artist

"I think this is the best American Art Collector yet.  I love the wide variety of different artists and art. Thanks again for a wonderful book.
Eileen Ormiston, painter

“I’ve received several calls already regarding my work in American Art Collector. I’m excited to see it myself. Could you please send a copy? I can’t wait to see it!”
Jeff Downing, ceramist

“I recently sold the sculpture in the last book and gave my new collector a copy of the book. They were very impressed! Thank you.”
Mindy Z. Colton, sculptor

“The color and printing is exquisite. I will send books to various prospects ASAP.”
Judith Trager, textile artist

"We always appreciate this!  I will definitely submit for Michael again this year."
Avi Good for Michael Good, metal artisan 

“I wanted to let you know that I have a show in New York in March as a result of my work being represented in your books.”
Cheryl Hall, glass artisan

“I was skeptical about submitting an entry into American Art Collector because it was all done through mail and email. I went on blind faith and the promises made at your website and was thoroughly impressed. Everything went as you said it would. You maintained communication throughout the process—refreshing in this era of poor service. I would recommend your company to other artists. Thank you for a very professional product at a very reasonable price.”
Kathy Iwanowski, painter

“Thank you Tom, for getting the artists’ images out there. I am happy to report that our sculpture included in last year’s book was sold to a collector in Kansas. This time they came across the post card you guys sent us with the books. They liked the image, and then they loved the piece.”
Jorge Leyva, sculptor

“I’ve been getting a lot of interest from your books! It’s working!”
Melody Lane, sculptor

The cards have done so much for me. I share them and have run out of several years. They explain my art more than words. I even am asked to autograph them.  I know that several have been framed. People I have shown the book to are impressed. I have heard the comment ‘awesome’ a lot. Everyone who has seen the book loves it, and I even had to give autographs like a celeb. I totally ran out of books and have people asking me where to buy them. You should be proud of this wonderful artistic endeavor.”
Jennifer Kirton, drawing

“Nice surprise when I received my books and postcards, thank you for choosing my work for the cover. Book and card are looking great and I linked from my website to Alcove for people to get informed.”
Hans Feyerabend, painter

“I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the book. My copies came a few days ago and I immediately wished I had ordered more. All of the artwork looks great to me and I am honored to be included. I am forwarding copies to three galleries I have been negotiating with and also to several collectors of my work.”
Bonnie Carter, painter

“Congratulations on work well done. The books look great!”
Roberta Smith, painter

“The book is beautiful!!! I am so pleased with it. I am getting great comments on it and I am giving it to my best collectors and fans.”
Mindy Colton, sculptor

“Kudos. Your hard work and attention to detail have paid off. The cover is engaging, and once again, it is an honor to be in the company inside.”
Cary Cleaver, photographer

“I received my American Art Collector books and the 1000 postcards today. They look beautiful!!!!”
Rod Whyte, digital artist

“The books came the other day…Great job once again!!!!”
Marla E, painter

“I received the American Art Collector books and cards earlier this week. They are beautifully done, I am pleased.”
Ruben Coy, painter

“I received my copies of American Artwork today and it looks really good. The printing is high quality and the images of the art are fascinating. Thank you for including my work. I’m very proud to be in your beautiful publication and will get good use from the postcards.”
Diana Chase, glass artisan

“I just received the books and postcards yesterday! It all looks fantastic. Thanks.”
Connie Noyes, mixed media painter

“I am delighted to be included again in the 2006 issue of American Artwork. The books have been an excellent way to educate my collectors about the arts in the western states–particularly customers on the east coast. I’ve used it as a gift for customers who have been longtime collectors, as well as gifts to new customers. I did the ACC Charlotte and CraftBoston shows and found customers particularly complimentary about the quality of the work in the book and the beauty of the publication itself. Thought I’d pass on the praise! Another result of your book was a query by a gallery in Santa Fe who had received a copy. They were interested in representing my work and I’m now with the gallery. So thank you, Tom, for carrying on this wonderful series that documents the diversity and innovative nature of contemporary arts in the U.S.”
Terrie Barns-Canfield, jeweler

“I have received a number of large commissions from the book. So count me in.”
Sarah Waldron, painter

“Just received copies of American Artwork. It is absolutely beautiful and we’re thrilled to be featured among so many excellent fine arts and fine crafts. Also, I love the post cards and being on the back cover. Thank you!”
Suzanne Donazetti, mixed media artist

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work in putting together such a beautiful book. It exceeded my expectations.”
Christos Hamawi, painter

“I just received my shipment of books and postcards and they look great. I’m pleased with how my image reproduced. It was pretty close to the actual colors. I used to work in commercial printing and I know how hard that can be when images are ganged together on a sheet.”
Andrea McClusky, painter

“The book looks great. I am totally impressed and thankful that I was included in this volume. I’ve gotten some great gallery shows as a result of this amazing book!”
Katie Caprara, painter

“Thank you so very much. The book has gotten rave reviews.”
Louise Aug, painter

“I received my package of books and postcards a few weeks ago, and I want to tell you that the books are beautiful. I also want to say thank you for a positive experience.”
Kathleen DeFrancesco Smith, painter

“I was so pleased with the American Art Collector edition that I received. The book looks beautiful and I was so happy to be included. The post cards are also terrific. Thank you again. It was well worth the wait.”
Patricia Madeja, jeweler

“Thanks for including my sculpture in your American Art Collector book. I had 900 visitors to my website yesterday, that is 4 to 5 times my usual traffic, and I believe the recent release of your publication is the reason. The book and the postcards are perfect, I hope you include me in future publications.”
Stephen Kishel, sculptor

“The latest edition arrived yesterday, and is a showcase of your ability, style, and excellence. I wish you continued success with the American Art Collector. Again, I am honored to be included.”
Lloyd Behrendt, painter

“I received my books on Saturday. They are beautiful!! Great quality. Let me know if I can participate again for next edition.”
Monica Aroz, painter

“I just got the American Art Collector (Book IV) and just want to tell you that it looks great and the images and text are very well done. I’m very happy with the way it came out. Now all I have to do is to update my website!!!”
Tim Darnell, painter

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the edition of American Art Collector received last week. The illustrations are terrific.”
Joseph Muraskin, painter

“ American Art Collector arrived safely and is wonderful. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your efforts and for including me. Thank you so much!”
Anne Embree, mixed media artist

“Tom, I received the books and cards for American Art Collector, and am quite pleased with my inclusion in this edition. They are well done in their continuity, layout, and color quality. I believe you have offered the artist a very nice value. I wish you all the best in the future, your hard work continuing to produce the likes of these.”
Alan Paine Radebaugh, painter

“It was a great New Year’s present to myself, to find the big fat box from American Art Collector on my doorstep yesterday. Once again, the book looks great, and I am so pleased at the company I am in!”
Shelley Gilchrist, mixed media artist

“Good luck again with this year’s project. I’m looking forward to the improved printing – and, yes, I picked up a new gallery directly as a result of last year’s book. Thanks for everything.”
Debra Lynn Gold, jeweler

“Just wanted to say thank you. Again this year the books look great, and I like the postcards as well.”
Daphnae Koop, mixed media artist

“My postcards and complimentary books arrived in good shape. I am very pleased with the quality of the print and photos. I am happy to be among some of the artists in the publication that I respect.”
Eli Cox, ceramist

“Thanks for the great job on American Artwork!!! Post cards as well—all my collectors love it!”
Marla E, painter

“We got the cards and the books and they are all beautiful! They far surpass all expectations. Great Job! We’ll look forward to spreading them around to our galleries and directors.”
Gloria Attoun, textile artist

“The books and postcards have been a great tool for promoting my work. Thanks for the opportunities.”
Brad Greek, painter

“Wanted to let you know that the books and postcards arrived. I am very pleased with them. Thank you! Many of the artists who have seen the book are interested in how to participate in this and I have directed them to your site.”
Karen Haynes, painter

“My box of postcards and books arrived safely before Christmas. I was very pleased with how the image turned out. AND I have a serious nibble on the sale of the piece of artwork!”
Kelly Johnson, textile artist

"I just wanted to tell you what a joy and honor it has been for me to have my sculpture included in your lovely publication American Artwork.  It's rewarding to see my work included with so much very fine work in your beautifully made book.  I hope you and yours have a wonderful and healthy 2012!"
Derek Uhlman, sculptor

“Another great book! Glad to see Chicago and vicinity artists are joining in.”
Walter A. Fydryck, mixed media artist

“FYI, I did have two galleries contact me regarding my work from the book. I would like to participate again.”
Elizabeth Van Riper, painter

“I delivered the book and post cards to a number of galleries that I am friends with. They showed the book (one in particular here in Delray Beach) to clients and sold giclees of my work this past summer. I find your product, the book and postcards, to be very receptive to art lovers at large. The books are always fabulous, the postcards are my ‘business card’ to which I add a small photo of myself so people recall the artist.”
Stella White, painter

“I just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with the simple, modern design of American Artwork last year and I think my work was very well presented. I was contacted by Art Plus Artisans consulting ( who saw my work there and now I have a very good relationship with them.”
Ana Zanic, painter

“I would like to thank you for putting this book together. It has a wonderful presentation that showcases the artist’s work beautifully. I am honored to be in both Art of Northern California and American Artwork, and cannot tell you how much being in these books has validated my work…not just for myself, but also in the eyes of others. I have given copies of both books to people who have collected and followed my work over the years, and they have been so impressed! Not only does it elevate my work in their eyes, but it also validates what art work they have chosen to favor and collect.”
Kimberly Iaconetti, drawing

“The book is lovely and I am proud to be a part of it. Hopefully, some new work will come out of it for me. My image looks good in both the book and the cards. Nice job!!!”
Maureen Sisco, painter

“I just received the shipment. The books and cards look wonderful. I am very happy with the investment. Lots for the money. I’ll give the books to my buyers and my gallery and the cards out randomly. Thank you so much.”
Patsy Fleming, painter

“I was so glad to be included in last year’s American Art Collector. It’s a beautiful book and it has helped me in publicizing my work.”
Lee Williams, painter

“I thought that you would be pleased to know that I have signed with the a gallery in New York for representation in a group show. Don’t know if it was due to American Artwork. Thanks!”
Clara Saprasa, painter

“Congratulations on work well done. The books look great!”
Roberta Smith, painter

“The 2008 book is the best yet!”
Carol Lopatin, painter

The book just keeps getting better and better. Thank you and your staff for producing such a beautiful and professional publication of American Art Collector. I am very pleased to be included in it. The quality of printing in both the book and in the cards is exceptional. I have had many cards printed over the years and this card is one of the best.”
Noel Hudson, painter

“I’ve received my books and postcards and am very pleased as usual. This is my 3rd time in the American Art Collector book. Each time was a good experience and had the same professional handling of all the details. You do a very good job and I thank you for that.”
Barbara Maloy, painter

“The 2008 American Art Collector arrived. Needless to say, it is bigger and better than ever. Congratulations on a fine publication. I will use it wisely.”
Gwendolyn Graine, painter

“I really am pleased with American Art Collector book and postcards. The whole publication looks wonderful!”
Sara Lind Shoemaker, photographer

“Thank you, Tom, great book and cards!!”
Helga Thomson, photographer

“Thank you for copies of this year’s books. They look great. We appreciate being part of them.”
Brit-Simone Sutter & Marty Kneeland, jewelry makers

“I am very excited that you chose my work for the cover! It is a beautiful book and I thank you very much for this opportunity. I have been proudly promoting American Artwork.”
Edna Dapo, painter

“I wanted to thank you very much for the beautiful books and cards. They look great!! The colors of the cards are a perfect match. The books look impressive and the featured artworks in it are of high quality as always. I do give them out with any substantial saleThank you very much."
Beatrice Athanas, painter

“I just received American Art Collector and it looks WONDERFUL!!”
Carol Staub, painter

“Thank you for putting together such a great book! I received my postcards and six copies this week – they all look great.”
Laura Eisen, 3D mixed media

"You have been great to work with and the book is very impressive. I have given out all of my catalog copies to galleries and art centers. Thank you so much for all that you do to represent artists."
Barbara Lacy, painter

“I picked up the 2008 books and cards today. They look fabulous. Thanks so much for including me. Please let me know when I need to apply for next year.”
Heidi Hornberger, metal artisan

“Just received my package, it is a BEAUTIFUL job! The image came out so well on both cards and in the book …Thank you, I’m honored and pleased to have been included!”
Catherine Moreno, painter

American Artwork 2008 looks better than ever. Thanks for your diligent work.”
Stephen Fitzgerald, sculptor

“Thank you for a great book. I think this is the best one yet! I’m really enjoying the art and the crafts, and I believe that the quality of artists is awesome. Thanks also for the quality of my image. It looks great in both the book and the postcards.”
Melinda Cootsona, painter

“I got the cards and the six books. They really look good. Congratulations on a very nice presentation.”
Christina Hall-Strauss, painter

“I got the books today and wanted to let you know how much better I thought they looked than the old ones. The postcard images look great too—very good color… Overall, I am very happy with the results, and wanted to let you know, since I had been hesitant, initially. Thanks a bunch!”
Sydney McKenna, painter

“Tom, you really outdid yourself. Book is excellent inside and out. Appreciate all your efforts. I will make sure these books and art cards get into the right hands. Best Wishes, please keep me in mind for next year.”
Gregory Johnson, sculptor

“The 2008 book looks great! The collection of artists is strong. I especially like the broad sampling of artists from all over the country. Nice work, and it’s great to be a part of it.”
Ray Buffalo, painter

“The 2008 book is extremely beautiful, good job and thank you.”
Joel Peirano, painter