Stratus Credenza


by Wes Walsworth

Curly Maple, Walnut, Cold Roll Steel
36”H, 84”W, 20” D

An exquisite design featuring signature steel to wood box joint corners and drawer pulls. Sure to catch the eye.


A third-generation woodworker, Wes Walsworth has produced high quality custom furnishings since 2008.

Being an accomplished wood worker in the finish carpentry trade as well as a Luthier for Taylor Guitars, his first inspiration with furniture came when working on a family vineyard where he discovered wine barrels as building material. He quickly saw potential in the retired barrels with their aged outside, deep wine stained inside and ergonomic curvature.

Wes has evolved with his designs into the rustic contemporary realm by refining his pieces and incorporating steel aesthetics with reclaimed and dimensional woods. He is always looking to push the envelope of form and function with his furniture while always remaining structurally sound.

Wes is also an avid fly fisherman, songwriter, musician and music producer, and has performed throughout the US, Europe, and Australia. His work has been featured in Sunset Magazine, Sun Valley Magazine, and Outside Magazine.


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