Miami Leaves


Ceramic Wall Sculpture
by Kristi Sloniger

Hand-built stoneware tiles
20″H, 23″W, 1″D

These free-form tiles are hand built and decorated while still wet using the mocha diffusion technique, which involves applying liquid colored clay that absorbs directly into the tiles. After the firing process, the tiles are mounted on a wood frame with industrial strength epoxy for easy hanging.


Kristi Sloniger uses slips and colorants on her hand-built tiles while the clay is still wet in order to create organic one- of-a-kind works. All of these designs are absorbed into the clay and are then fired to vitrification in her gas kiln. There are no glazes used in her work. This technique is referred to as Mocha Diffusion.

Kristi has been running a full-time pottery studio for over 20 years, participated in hundreds of juried shows, and has sold her work to customers around the world.


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