Caldera 2.0


Ceramic Sculpture
by Kris Marubayashi

Hand-built ceramic
5.75″”H, 11.5″”W, 11.5””D

This bowl is hand-built, using a clay created by combining two different colored clays. Perlite is added to provide texture, and the sides are scraped with a tool to increase the texture.


Kris Marubayashi is a sansei (third generation Japanese American) woman who lives in Sacramento, CA. Her father was an architect/landscape architect who studied with Frank Lloyd Wright, and her mother was trained in decorative arts. Kris was born and raised in New York, but moved to California to learn about clay. She became involved in other interests but returned to clay in 2005, after a break of almost thirty years.

Kris uses various techniques and tools including the wheel, slab roller, rolling pin, press molds, slump molds, and hand building. While primarily using clay, she is exploring concrete (for its strength, unrestricted size, and flexibility), metal, and paper clay, and experimenting with different additives. Using a mid-fire clay (cone 4-6), her pieces are highly textural, and often resemble rocks and geological formations.


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