Budget Motel, Gary, Indiana


Acrylic Painting
by Art Ballelli

Acrylic on canvas
16″H, 20″W

Traveling to American cities such as Tampa, Newark, and Reno is just a few clicks away in the 21st century. Virtually strolling through the aging urban infrastructure of this country has inspired my current work. I have never stepped foot in Gary, Indiana but I know Michael Jackson was born there, its the home of at least one motel that charges by the hour, and proof that, in the right light, gritty can be pretty.


The 2018 print edition of American Artwork  is 248 pages and features 238 painters, sculptors, craftspeople, photographers, and printmakers. Jurors are California College of the Arts instructor Howard Eige, and Oakland gallery owner Jan Christensen-Heller.

Now in its 14th year (originally titled American Art Collector), our books were described as “stunning” by the San Francisco Chronicle and “works of art in themselves” by the Sacramento Bee. Trim size is 8.5″H, 6″W.

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