Blue Myco


Ceramic Sculpture
by Emil Yanos

Cone 5 ceramic stoneware-glazes-engobes
8″H, 15.25″W, 14″D

This simple form is first molded then carved by hand. Multiple levels of contrasting textures and colors enhance its organic quality. Wash with a damp cloth or with warm soapy water.


Ceramic Sculptor Emil Yanos has been working with clay since 1993. Professionally trained in Floral and Graphic Design, his ceramic work weaves together the best aspects of both disciplines. Through hands-on experimentation, he has found that working with clay provides an excellent medium to explore his love of color and texture.

The overall feel of his work is organic and inspired of the earth. Elemental forms give his work primitive yet refined sensibilities. Emil’s goal in all of his creative endeavors is to communicate meaning, extending beyond the visual form to encourage an emotional response from his audience.


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