Marble & Steel Sculpture
by Dahrl Thomson

Honeycomb Calcite marble on fabricated steel base
68″H, 16″W, 18″D

When I can, I like to leave some of the crust or surface of the original stone on a sculpture. I did that on this piece of Utah Honeycomb Calcite, when I carved it. I carved a flame coming out of the top of the stone and left a thin line of crust on the middle of the flame. When the light comes from behind the sculpture, the thin line of crust can seem black—a bonus I couldn’t have foreseen. I designed the rusted steel base and had an expert metal artist build it. He is the best! You can’t see a speck of light between the base and the stone; it fits so perfectly. All honeycomb sculptures are indoor pieces, as direct sunlight will bleach them white.


“Carving stone is my passion. I choose stone for its beauty, permanence, and its representation of eons of time, change, and travel. Every stone is a unique visual memory of the earth’s history,  and when combined with distinctive carving, it offers the collector a truly unparalleled work of art. Sometimes, I have stone originals reproduced in bronze or stainless steel, adding yet another dimension to the work.”

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