Wishbone Rocker


Wooden Rocking Chair
by Steven M. White

Cherry, Ash
36″H, 22″W, 37″D

The wishbone shape of the rocker and the seat side support, which are joined at the tail of the chair, gives the structure great strength. The seat slats are made of ash, a very flexible wood, which are sprung into place using the tail of the wishbone to hold them.

Likewise, the back slats continue from the top of the back to below the seat, where they are sprung into place behind a dowel under the seat. This natural springiness gives the chair surprising comfort.

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Steven has been designing and building wooden things since childhood. From treehouse and boats to spiral staircases and human-powered Ferris wheels, his sense of beautiful design and whimsy always shines through. Focusing on studio furniture for the last 20 years, Steven’s style has become distinct, with flowing compositions of gently curved lines and shapes, and his craftsmanship and choice of woods always impresses. His work has been featured in countless books, magazines, art shows, and galleries.

Contact: steve@stevenwhitewoodworking.com

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