Wind Dancer


Glass Wall Art
by Anne Wren Nye

Kiln glass wall panel
20″H, 17″W, 1.5″D

Wind Dancer is the first of a series I’m developing about the women of the Southwest. As in most cultures, much was and is done by the women. The stories of the Hohokum, an ancient Pueblo People who once inhabited this area prompted this piece. It came out of a dream complete with title. It, like all my work, is made entirely of glass using my signature technique in which I mix Bullseye glass powder with water, apply to sheet glass with traditional painting tools and kiln fire several times to achieve the perfect combination of color and surface texture. Because it’s all glass, it will not sun fade even in the harshest light. Mounted on a hidden backing of aluminum and hangs easily with a gallery wire. Dry wall hanger included.