Wallpiece RCB 15.01


Metal Wall Sculpture
by Reed C Bowman

Patinaed copper
18”H, 18”W, 4”D

Deeply domed round wallpiece composed of plates of figured grey, white, black and blue, with a gap exposing a rumpled red copper intrusion, so intricately foldformed it looks like leather. This style of wallpiece is formed of copper sheet, cut by hand and dished with hammers, and colored using traditional and modern sculptural patinas. This piece can be hung in any orientation This piece can be hung in any orientation and hangs on picture wire. For indoor use.

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David and Reed Bowman are a father and son studio, with over sixty years design experience creating works at all scales in patinaed brass and copper. Most of the wallpieces are constructed of brass sheet folded into boxes and colored using traditional and modern sculptural patinas.

Their design aesthetic combines the philosophies of wabi-sabi and minimalism to create works that cannot be created using more modern techniques or more industrial scale tools. Taking inspiration from sculpture, architecture, painting, and even armory of all periods, they create unique designs, which they fabricate entirely in-house, with nothing farmed out, and using only hand-tools and simple machines.

Contact: wallpieces@gmail.com

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