Serafina & Crocodile


Fiber Wall Art
by Karen Schuman

Quilted batik, Embroidery, Acrylic Paint
30″H, 30″W, 1″D

The serafinas are the elementals that live in the water; bubbles, swirls, whirls, etc.  They keep the water alive by moving through it.  This piece is a tribute to the beautiful pond of which I am the steward, filled with fishes, frogs, snapping turtles; and a Crocodile figurine, one of my spirit animals.  I swim in the pond every day in warm weather, singing a water blessing song that I learned, and becoming a Serafina myself, keeping the water alive.

Published in American Artwork 2019


“Wisdom is offered to me through shamanic training and world traveling is my inspiration. Making art pieces on concepts such as ‘forgiveness’ or ‘balance’ is my study of relationships with life. 

As I work my pieces, I can meditate on the aspects of the concept and work these perceptions into the construction for an evolving understanding of the original concept. I work with many materials; from hand-dyeing fabrics to painting, sewing, beading, collage.  

As I cultivate a piece, concepts develop further into the abstract, to ultimately create a story that is personal to me, but still open to free interpretation.”


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