Paros Blues Fresco


Mixed Media Painting
by Helene Steene

Mixed media on wood
48″H, 42″W


Helene Steene’s work is recognized for its many layered depth, intensity of colors, and elegance of surface. She combines classical oil glaze techniques over marble dust, with contemporary brushed metal, on wood, for a visually very tactile surface. The work is built up in a slow process of numerous translucent layers of oil glazes using dry pigments over a marble dust mixture on wood.

Many of her works include metal that she sands by hand with finer and finer grains to create a soft look on an industrial material. This contrast of old traditional painting techniques and modern industrial materials enhances the subtle tensions in the works. Helene’s work has been exhibited and collected in private and public collections in the United States, France, Greece, Spain, Great Britain and Sweden.

“Whether my work is abstract, non-objective or figurative, there is always a search for something that signifies a subtle inner beauty, depth and simplicity even when the forms are complex.”


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