Emergence I


Fiber Wall Art
by Karen Kamenetzky

Artist-dyed and painted silk and cotton, yarn. Machine and hand stitched.
37″H, 26.5W”, 1″D

Biomorphic complexity and balance.


“My biomorphic fiber wall hangings are inspired by the lines and patterns of microscopic/cellular imagery which I find visually and metaphorically rich. All changes in essence happen on that infinitesimal level and result in the world we experience. My work is a kind of invented biology zooming in on that fundamental nature of things and bringing it into vision.

Beginning with un-dyed silk, wool and other fibers, I add vibrant saturated color using dye and paint as well as adding dimension and textures through the process of wet felting. Dense stitching adds lines of light and shadow and color. I love the soothing tactile pleasure of handling and creating with fiber.”

Contact: Kkfiberart@gmail.com

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