Kimono Cho 1-06


Wooden Wall Sculpture
by Bruce Mitchell

Quilted maple, zebra wood, curly redwood, western maple, wenge
44″H, 34″W, 1″D

Beautiful in form and function, the Japanese kimono's design mirrors the exquisite symmetry of butterfly wings. Since butterflies represent longevity, joy and transformation in Japanese folklore, the kimono's design may have been intended to pay homage to the butterfly, and the mythical powers they are believed to possess.


“My primary focus is to use my experience, instinct and intuition to visualize an intrinsic shape within the raw material that relates to its own unique personality, responding to the changing rhythms of positive and negative spaces that emerge as a form develops.

My intent as an artist is to draw upon nature and my excursions into dream worlds and the unknown by giving life to that experience through the language of sculpture.”

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