Clear Tube Bead Necklace


Borosilicate Glass Necklace
by Eloise Cotton

Borosilicate glass, tube beads
18-20″H (Specify in order notes)


Working with borosilicate glass, Eloise Cotton’s free form and hand made pieces feature depth and richness of color drawn from rare earth elements like silver and gold.

Each glass piece is free formed in flame fueled by a mix of propane and oxygen. The borosilicate glass beads and components are annealed in a kiln, providing more strength and durability. The baroque shaped hollow beads, fabricated in a manner Eloise invented, are sandblasted to give them their final satin finish. The marble beads begin with layers of colored glass, which are then encased in clear glass, lending a depth of detail. All pieces are then accented by pearls or precious metals.


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