Adapt (21404)


Mixed Media Painting
by James Minden

Hand incised plastic and acrylic on panel
28″H, 28″W

The surface of this light drawing has grooves that reflect light and create an image of three circles that appear to be in front of the picture plane and interact with the viewer’s position.


James Minden’s career as an artist has focused on painting and printmaking. Then, five years ago, some research he was doing led him to specular or abrasion holograms. He was fascinated that a two-dimensional surface could produce a three-dimensional image and began to explore if he could make them. Then he developed processes that would enable him to make them large.

The pieces are created on sheets of plastic (PETG) that are incised by hand to create grooves that reflect light. The back is painted with acrylic paint, black originally, which he calls light drawings, but now also using colors, which he calls hybrid paintings.

His current focus is on blue. They are mounted on a wood panel and are hung on the wall like any painting. A point light source, like a single bulb ceiling light, is all you need to make the image three-dimensional. The 3-D effect can be seen in this short video.


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