Matthew Werner

Matthew Werner creates hand-crafted clocks, tables, and music stands, mostly using west coast native woods like claro walnut, western maple, and madrone.

"I use an inlay technique called marquetry, which is the assembly of thin slices of wood to form an image. The marquetry work is done using veneers that I re-saw, using only naturally colored woods. Shading is achieved by dipping inlay pieces in hot sand and scorching them, which adds visual depth.

This marquetry technique goes back to Egypt 3,000 years ago, and was developed to great depth during the European Renaissance. But it is detail-oriented, time-consuming, and not widely practiced today. My goal is to apply the technique with integrity and artistry, to add beauty to the objects I make without being overstated."

Blue Morpheus Clock by Matthew Werner. (Hand-made Wooden Clock)
Swift Clock by Matthew Werner. (Hand-made music stand)

"My inspiration comes from the natural world, what I think of as the unbuilt world. I have a great appreciation for Japanese design aesthetics, especially the way natural elements are brought into the built world. I also recognize that the forms I work with are rooted in the cultural traditions of Europe."

White Rabbit Music Stand by Matthew Werner. (Hand-made music stand)
Sunflowers & Sisters Music Stand by Matthew Werner. (Hand-made Wooden Clock)

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