Erik Wolken

Erik Wolken is a North Carolina artisan working in wood. His creates unique wall sculpture, free-standing sculpture, cabinets, and chairs, mostly in poplar and cherry. Erik studied Geography at West Virginia University, and furniture design at Chabot College and Indiana University.

Human Shield #2 by Erik Wolken
Human Shield #1 by Erik Wolken

“My path as an artist has traveled from being a traditional trained furniture maker to incorporating a more sculptural aesthetic in my work to finally exploring pure sculpture and to fluidly moving between all three. In the midst of this my guiding light is to find a  rhythm and poetry in my pieces that is a confluence lines, color, texture and graphic imagery that tells a narrative, for at its most basic

I think my work is about story telling. My pieces are often the result of a process of discovery. Seldom do I start with a plan written in stone but a series of rough pencil sketches and the belief that I can divine the meaning of a piece in the process of building it.”

You and Me by Erik Wolken
Bamboo Console Table by Erik Wolken

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