Cheryl Williams

Professional ceramist and abstract painter Cheryl Williams has maintained a studio for over 25 years, focused on hand-crafted ceramic sculpture, vessel forms, and abstract painting. Her pieces are included in the collections of The White House, NBC Corp., the First Lady of Russia, and the First Lady of France. Her attention to the subtleties of form, painterly use of color, and vibrant pigments combine for an elegant result.

Red Spiral Sculpture IMG_9167
Wow Sculpture Verde Patina- 72 dpi

"When I was young, I had the good fortune to camp in the High Sierra Mountains in California. There I would sit by the river’s edge and watch light's reflection dance in the water. Reaching my hand in the cold stream, I would pick up some rocks and play with the mud. That is where my interest in creating objects with clay started. I have always taken those memories of the light and incorporated that into my artwork, which begins with silent meditation."

Blue-Green Mottled Gold Prosperity Bowl IMG_0017-
Maroon gold Prosperity Bowl copy

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