Gallery Artist FAQs

Printed edition information is posted here.

Are there upfront fees? 
There is no fee to list your work. Our commission is 30% of work sold. We absorb the 2.9% card processing fee. Artists receive 70% of their provided price. Artists absorb the cost of shipping.

When will I be paid?
Artists are paid approximately 30 days after the order is placed. We wait until the customer has received the artwork and the 7-day return period has passed before forwarding payment.

Do you need exclusive rights to posted work?
No. We do expect you to diligently remove work posted here that is no longer available. Failure to do this may result in docking your account for $50.

Are there pricing guidelines?
Prices should not be higher than found elsewhere online for your work, including your own website.

How is packing and shipping handled?
You estimate shipping cost based upon your provided dimensions and weight, and add it to the list price. You arrange for shipping & insurance. You then pack the work and take it to the UPS or FedEx drop-off, or arrange for pickup. All artwork must be packed in bubble-wrap and cardboard boxes. More fragile pieces must be double-boxed, and large paintings should be crated. Jewelry should be sent in a gift box and double-boxed. See our Packing & Shipping Guidelines. For large furniture and sculpture, we suggest arranging for pickup using a blanket-wrap shipper—which case crating is usually not necessary.

Is work shipped outside the U.S.?
Prices include shipping within the U.S. The buyer is instructed to contact us for an international shipping quote.

Should paintings be framed or unframed?
It is preferable to sell the work unframed. Packing is easier, there is less chance of damage in shipping, and customers can then choose their own frame.

What size images should I use?
Our layout displays large images beautifully, and you are encouraged to take advantage of this. We suggest using images 900 pixels high at 72 ppi. Don't uprez a smaller file to achieve this or you will see pixillation. Always start from a file captured at a larger dimension and downsize.

How do I build my gallery and track sales?
Your dashboard has all the tools needed to upload images, describe and price the artwork, view orders, mark them shipped, etc.

How do I know when artwork has been sold?
After your work is sold, you will receive an email with all the information needed to proceed. We would like the artwork to be marked as 'shipped' in your dashboard within six days of the order being placed.

How do you choose the artists?
We look for work that fits in with the look and feel of the gallery. Many of gallery artists have participated in our annual book. Published since 2004 (originally as American Art Collector and retitled American Artwork), the book is juried by California College of the Arts painting instructor Howard Eige and Oakland gallery owner Jan Christensen-Heller.

How do I apply to sell my work?
We are currently not taking new artist applications.

Where should I direct further questions?
Please review the Artist Agreement, and email any questions or concerns to